Every paid account will be able to download our Application on 2 different devices – Tablets, Phones, Consoles, TV’s & Set Top Boxes.

What Devices Are Compatible With The App?

Compatible devices for the TV Kraken App

Android  5.1 or higher phones, tablets & set top boxes. Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick, Nvidia shield and more.

IOS Devices – Iphones, Ipods, and Ipads

Apple TV – 4th gen, 5th gen

Xbox – Xbox one, Xbox one s, Xbox one x



Samsung TV’s

What is the cost? 

You are subscribing to cover server costs of TV Kraken. You are not purchasing content. You are purchasing server space on a media server.

Our service costs $15 / Month for 2 devices. You can add extra devices for $2/Month Per Device , Max 4 total devices.

What countries does it work in?

It works worldwide.  Anywhere you have an Internet connection.

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